What We Do

How we do it

Hope Network Ministries Mentoring Partners connect relationally with ministers and church leaders needing mentoring or guidance using phone conversations, GoToMeeting video conferencing or personal visits.  We strive to understand the contextual nuances as we walk alongside the minister or church, aiming to build capacity for the minister or church to continue with less and less contact overtime.

Why we do it

Hope Network understands the difficulties and pressures associated with doing ministry in today’s chaotic, broken, and pluralistic world.  Those who choose ministry choose a lifestyle full of emotional strain and spiritual stress.  Serving others can be difficult and having someone near who understands and can provide perspective and wisdom can help keep ministers from burning out and leaving ministry altogether.  For church leadership groups, experienced ministers from outside the “system” can help those groups gain perspective on their service and provide helpful guidance through new territory as well as movement away from unhealthy patterns.