Board of Directors

  • Roddy Boggus (Chairman) – Mansfield, TX
  • Mary Boggus (Secretary) – Mansfield, TX
  • Alan Stark (Treasurer) – Denton, TX
  • Grady King – Irving, TX
  • Karen King – Irving, TX
  • Dana Mullican – Sunnyvale, TX
  • Jon Mullican – Sunnyvale, TX
  • Ginger Stark – Denton, TX
  • Gail Vannoy – Leander, TX
  • Ray Vannoy – Leander, TX


“I have been a part of this ministry because the Kingdom of God’s people need (unfortunately) what we have to offer.  There is no other ministry offering the services we offer that help churches, elderships and ministers in as broad a fashion as Hope Network. Each of our mentoring partners are highly skilled in what they do and are people committed to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a Christ centered way.”

Royce Hunter
(previous board member)

“I have been thrilled to be a part of this exceptional organization! In a rapidly changing culture, the Gospel in its pure and simple form is the message that continues to save us. Unfortunately, it can get obscured by competing ideas. It is important to have mature mentors to lead the way through the noise and Hope Network offers just that on both a congregational and individual basis.”

Debbie Zancanaro
(previous board member)

“Hope Network understands the difficulties and pressures associated with doing ministry in today’s chaotic, broken, and pluralistic world. Gail and I have experienced the joy, challenge, and pain of ministry, and we have been blessed by our association with Hope Network. We love, promote, and support this much-needed ministry.”

Ray Vannoy
(current board member)