“It is effective ministries like HN that give me great encouragement for the church.  From its beginning, with Dr. Lynn Anderson and now through the capable leadership of Dr. Grady King and Jon Mullican, Hope Network continues to make available to local congregations the expertise of wise and experienced consultants. Their ministry to ministers is second to none.  Thank God for such partners in the Gospel!”

Dr. Royce Money
Chancellor and Executive Director
Siburt Institute for Church Ministry
Abilene Christian University


“Hope Network fills a critical need for ministers and autonomous congregations. As good and right as it is for congregations to be self-governing, it is a rare for a church to have all of the resources it needs for every challenge, and for a minister to find all of his mentoring needs met within his congregation. Sometimes we just need an outside voice, perspective, or set of skills. This is what Hope Network provides. Hope Network is comprised of mature leaders who know how to come alongside ministers and congregations to ask the right questions, suggest rich resources, and provide coaching without seeking to control. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

Dan Bouchelle, D.Min.
Missions Resource Network


“Hope Network serves as a meaningful resource for the leadership of churches. Their knowledgeable care and guidance equips leaders to respond when periods of transition and sensitive issues abound. The team offers exactly what leaders need: hope and connection at critical junctures of church life.”

Pat Bills
Lead Minister
Highland Oaks Church of Christ
Dallas, TX


“The shepherds and ministers at Altamesa Church of Christ greatly benefited and appreciated the candor, wit and wisdom of Grady and Jim…. Their practical wisdom on how to pastor and love people well was most beneficial for our leadership team.…  I believe any church leadership group would greatly benefit by having this Pastoral Care workshop.”

Micah Hobbs
Preaching Minister
Altamesa Church of Christ


“The leadership team at the High Pointe Church of Christ would like to thank Jon and Grady and the entire staff at Hope Network Ministries. You have been a tremendous help in moving our church from an unhealthy place to one of health and vitality. We could not have made this transition without the help of you men and Hope Network Ministries. Your coaching was invaluable in helping our ministry and our Shepherds learn to work together. The addition of our Core Leadership Team has allowed the High Pointe ministry staff, LT Shepherds, and deacons to forge together as one core unit. This has also freed the majority of our shepherds to actually go and shepherd. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for High Pointe and so many other churches in our tribe.”

Brad Cox
Minister of Preaching and Teaching
High Pointe Church of Christ


“Our congregation was richly blessed by the leadership of Grady King at our Spiritual Growth Workshop. The messages that he brought to us from God’s word were rich and powerful. He analyzed our needs, describing our strengths and weaknesses, and challenged and encouraged us to live worthy of God’s grace here in southern Idaho. Have gave many practical suggestions to reach out to our community and to make our congregation more open, accepting, and inviting to those around us. We are indebted to him and to Hope Network for allowing Grady to come our way…thanks very much for your dedication to the ministry of uplifting congregations and mentoring servant leaders of the Lord’s church.”

Clyde Short


We were a well-intended group of leaders but, had no clear path.  Jon came in to our midst and in short order gave us several tasks that set us on a much more productive path.  The process of thinking through and then formalizing  the “what’s, why’s and how’s” of our leadership style transformed our ability to effectively serve His people at Oak Ridge.

Darrel Andrews
Oak Ridge Church of Christ

Churches, like families, have life cycles that they go through. In both we can see the joy, excitement and energy of new beginnings. We work through the challenges of growth and development. We experience the pain and sorrow of sickness and injury. We understand the unique challenges of aging. Through all these stages of life, it is good to have a trusted counselor-that trusted physician, who has seen it, can diagnose it, and skillfully prescribe the treatment and advice to promote a healthy family or individual.

The counselors of Hope Network function in much the same way. Whether it is the challenges of growth- selecting elders or charting a course of vision- or- dealing with the pain of sin or division in a church- these counselors have, collectively, “seen it before” and are there to walk beside you. We have experienced first hand the assistance of Hope Network, as a church- in areas of pain, and then happily, in areas of growth as we came out of our tough times.

The counselors of Hope Network will not “force themselves” upon you, but they are not afraid to challenge you in love either. Just as we experienced, hearing the truth in love can be painful, but necessary to move beyond the current state a church may find themselves in.

I could wholeheartedly encourage church leaders to sit down with Hope Network to consult how they may be able to assist you – For the Sake of the Kingdom.

Lewis Stephenson
Mansfield Church of Christ


I can’t say enough good things about Phil Ware, Jon Mullican, and the Hope Network staff. They stood alongside our eldership and ministry staff during a time of great need. They not only helped us understand what was most important for us to do in order to move our congregation forward, but they had the expertise and patience to support us during the transition. They have made a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on our congregation. We thank God for these servants every day, and pray His richest blessings upon them.

Ray Ferguson
Hillcrest Church of Christ
Abilene, TX


Gary Albritton
Preaching Minister
Shiloh Road Church of Christ
Tyler, TX