Mentoring Leaders. Guiding Churches.

This is the passion of HOPE Network. Eighteen ministry partners presently do the work of mentoring and guiding. With over 500 years of combined ministry experience. We know the challenges of leading God’s people. Many of us have lines on our faces and scars on our hearts from years of trusting God in the trenches of church life.

To contact us means you have access to a network of people, resources and experience who are passionate about being helpful to the glory of God. There is HOPE!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You need a mentor to walk alongside you.
  • You want coaching to improve your leadership.
  • You want counsel on leading within your church context.
  • Your church is stuck, in crisis, or in transition.
  • Your church needs to improve its governance/structure.
  • Your church wants to improve its service to the kingdom.
  • You need an interim minister during times of a minister transition.
  • Your marriage is struggling or in trouble.

Big changes in the external environment have, in many ways, caught up with us as leaders and churches. “Do we have the necessary capacities as leaders to adapt and thrive in the future?” This question compels us in HOPE Network Ministries to think and act in proactive ways with ministers and elders.

Join us at one of our two-hour preview events in September as we discuss the practice of adaptive leadership. Click here for more information.