Lynn Anderson’s Books and Resources

HOPE Network founder, Lynn Anderson, has written many insightful books pertaining to personal spirituality and church leadership. To order one of his books/resources, click on the links provided below.

They Smell Like Sheep: Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century

Exploring the biblical models of shepherding, mentoring and equipping, They Smell Like Sheep is a master key that unlocks the secrets of leadership for anyone.

They Smell Like Sheep, Volume 2: Leading with the Heart of a Shepherd

Author Lynn Anderson addresses the starting and ending place of true leadership among God’s people: the heart of a shepherd. He presents Jesus, the Head Shepherd, as our only reliable model of godly leadership; he guides us through the Scriptures and gives us practical exercises to strengthen our hearts as we do the difficult yet rewarding work of shepherding people of God with love.

They Smell Like Sheep – Spiritual Leadership Training Package

This twelve-session training package is filled with hands-on shepherding and mentoring skills. Applying the principles in They Smell Like Sheep, it incorporates video instruction and group interaction, but goes far beyond the book.

Suitable for use in small or large groups, this spiritual leadership training is designed primarily for church leaders, but the basic Biblical principles apply in all areas of spiritual leadership – parenting, friendship, small group leadership, coaching – and even in the market place.

It will be especially helpful if you…

  • Wish to be a shepherd, not a manager, but don’t know where to start
  • Desire more shepherding effectiveness
  • Are a new elder and are feeling overwhelmed
  • Want coaching in practical shepherding skills
  • Or are preparing new people to help you shepherd
Talking Back to God: Speaking Your Heart to God Through the Psalms

A practical and inspiring book leading readers on a step-by-step discovery of a richer, more honest prayer life using the book of Psalms.

Longing for a Homeland: Discovering the Place You Belong

As you wander through the pages of this compelling book, you’ll find a melody of the heart that will resonate with your own homesick soul. You’ll discover the joys of life in the present, as well as your sweet connection with the past. But above all else, you’ll find your way home. You’ll find the place you belong.

Jesus Touch

Lynn Anderson shares profound insights as he explores Jesus’ method of evaluating the needs of each person he encountered and tailoring His interaction with them accordingly. The Jesus Touch is a must read for everyone.

Navigating the Winds of Change

Helpful insights and strategies for managing change in the church, Navigating the Winds of Change is a must read for church leaders.

The Shepherd’s Song

Formerly published as Finding the Heart to Go On, The Shepherd’s Song explores the heart of God’s leader, King David.

In Search of Wonder: A Call to Worship Renewal

A collective theology of worship for today’s church, In Search of Wonder is edited by Lynn Anderson with chapters written by Max Lucado, Mike Cope, Rubel Shelly, Randy Harris, Harold Shank and Jack Reese. 

If I Really Believe, Why Do I Have These Doubts?

If I Really Believe, Why Do I Have These Doubts?: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith will help you answer some of life’s toughest questions. Revised and updated from the 1992 version.

51tbb1DrLwL._SL500_SX346_BO1,204,203,200_The Transforming of a Tradition: Churches of Christ in the New Millennium

In the shake-up that comes with the passing of one era and the emergence of another, there is an opening for new and exciting possibilities. In this powerful book, fifteen church leaders speak out about the challenges of a new millennium. 

51355Freshness for the Far Journey: Reflections on Preaching As We Step Toward the Twenty-First Century

How do preachers in the 21st century stay spiritually and professionally alive in the midst of a hurried and overcommitted life? How do they keep all the plates spinning, yet remain fresh over the long haul? Lynn’s reflections in Freshness for the Far Journey will inspire and uplift ministers of the Word to more effectively service in the sweet agony of preaching. A “must have” for your library, this book will keep you growing in your ability to connect with your congregation, yourself and your God.