Training Packages

They Smell Like Sheep – Spiritual Leadership Training Package:  $300

They-Smell-Like-Sheep-Leadership-Training-Package-CoverA twelve-session training package that is filled with hands-on shepherding and mentoring skills is now available. Applying the principles in They Smell Like Sheep, this training package incorporates video instruction and group interaction, but goes far beyond the book. Suitable for use in small or large groups, this spiritual leadership training is designed primarily for church leaders, but the basic Biblical principles apply in all areas of spiritual leadership – parenting, friendship, small group leadership, coaching – and even in the market place.

The Training Package Includes: four DVDs, a facilitator’s three-ring binder, a participant’s spiral-bound workbook, and access to our online facilitator’s forum.  Email  for more details or call (210) 865-0708 to order.

They Smell Like Sheep – Spiritual Leadership Training Package: Additional Resources

They-Smell-Like-Sheep-Workbook-CoverParticipant Workbooks – $18 each
Paperback copies of They Smell Like Sheep – $10

(One participant’s workbook is included in the Training Package. This workbook will be used by the facilitator of the group. They Smell Like Sheep is required reading for each session.) Email  for more details or call (210) 865-0708 to order.