Praying over BibleThe first move of a consultant is to LISTEN, not TELL. With us, you get access to a network of resources and wisdom. It’s probably no surprise that the number one request for consulting is elder dynamics. It is not easy to function as a plurality of elders and adding ministers to the mix is particularly challenging: roles, expectations, personalities, and theology.

Group dynamics coupled with poor meeting skills and habits often leave a leadership stuck—doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. It doesn’t have to be this way. Crucial conversations are not an option for the growth and health of leaders and the church as the body of Christ.

The answers are not in methods or techniques, rather in the room of leaders to develop the capacity to lead from a healthier place.

Our Focus While Consulting:

  • Listen and facilitate conversation
  • Respect church context/culture
  • Value facilitation and learning
  • Utilize a variety of assessment tools
  • Assist with elder group dynamics
  • Guide elder selection processes
  • Provide shepherd training/orientation
  • Help with elder-minister relationships/roles
  • Help leaderships discuss, discover and define church vision, mission & values

Some of our ministry partners who consult are:  Grady King, Greg Anderson, Jon Mullican, Evertt Huffard, Jay Jarboe, Carlus Gupton, Amanda Box, Shannon Rains, and Jason Thompson.

For more information about consulting contact us at: or 214-586-0375.