Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s ministry requires many hats. Teaching children. Supporting parents. Choosing curriculum. Decorating classrooms. Writing policies. Facility construction. Leading VBS. Directing camp. Shopping. Budgeting. Equipping volunteers.

If we brainstormed together our list would become very, very long.

In ministry, confidence is important. But, often Children’s Ministers are confronted with challenges for which they are unprepared. Some are predictable, such as securing enough volunteers. Others, they did not see coming, and that is ok. Many children’s ministers are drawn to ministry because it is unpredictable and it provides the opportunity to minister in tough times, being a light to other people.

That’s why children’s ministry is hard.

And, that’s why, especially when it comes to Children’s Ministry, HOPE Network listens to the advice and counsel of our associates, Shannon Rains and Stacey Losher. Below are some recommended websites and resources for children and family ministry.

Recommended Websites and Articles

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