COVID-19 Resources

In these unprecedented times, HOPE Network wants to be helpful to you as a church leader. This page addresses two areas that likely require your attention:

  • Financial Giving Online
  • “Online Worship Service” Resources


Many of your churches already use online financial giving. If you do use online giving and you are satisfied with your system, you can skip to the “Online Worship Service Resources” section below. If you are not using online giving, you should consider using it now – and it isn’t that difficult to set up. And you have complete control over whether someone uses their bank account, debit card or credit card.

Of course, members can always mail a check to the church, use bill pay through the bank, or set up electronic funds transfers from the bank (EFT). These services incur no fees and are usually the best method. Still, with those who are younger and used to online payments, online giving is another method that is very reliable using a smart phone or PC.

Many companies provide this service. Below are two reputable companies and a link to their site. This is information only and not direct endorsements of these companies.

  • Subsplash – Low cost system with solid customer service and methods of receiving funds (phone, PC, Mac). Website: 206-965-8090
  • – is used by large and small churches and states it is the #1 giving site for churches. (Phone, PC/Mac). Website: Phone: 424-644- 3120

Getting set up with these or other companies is straightforward and simple. Setting up online giving now will allow all who have a computer or smartphone to provide their tithes and offerings to the church from anywhere. This link provides a guide for selecting a company to use

Click here to find suggested actions from Greg Gibbs of Auxano, a church consulting group, regarding financial management in this current environment. If you have questions or want to discuss how to get started, email us at


Many churches are videoing sermons, streaming their staff-only worship services or using Facebook Live to connect to their people on Sundays and at other times. If you are a church with limited resources, consider using Facebook Live using cell phones or iPad and replicating, in your own way, what is enacted on Other worship and spiritual formation resources are available on this site as well.

Igniter Media (a church media & graphics resource) has also released some great resources and suggestions for Online Worship. Click here to see a PDF of their helpful recommendations and resources.

Some churches are toying with having “car church,” where the parking lot becomes the meeting place with a local FM transmitter set up to send out the message and information, something like a drive-in movie with sound only.

The opportunities to explore are endless and flexibility becomes the watchword as churches strive to maintain connection and community.If you need help setting up online church, email us at