Other Virtual Ministry Ideas

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This is not a time to wait for ministry opportunities to come to you. If you are not doing so already, consider the open doors for meaningful ministry the pandemic presents.

  • Identify your current ministry leaders and communicate an expectation that there is a greater need for functioning ministry now than ever before. Ask your ministry leaders to list the volunteers involved in their ministry, create mailing lists for those volunteers, and communicate with them (at least) weekly. Designate a leader to oversee ministry leaders. Ask ministry leaders to identify ONE vital, significant ministry priority to pursue with their team over the next three months.
  • What new ministry initiatives do we need to develop given the present times? Put together a think-tank of your church’s members who can bring the elders/staff recommendations for new ministries focused on current needs within the body and among our neighbors.
  • Our first priority is taking care of your members. Let’s be on top of this, aggressive with this, committed to this—whatever it takes … whatever the cost.
  • But a close second is taking care of our neighbors. Never has there been a time of greater opportunity for ministry to those around us. How is your church positioned, resourced, gifted, equipped, and impassioned to care for those in our community? What are the doors opened and beckoning?
  • How does our budget need to change (TODAY) to reserve resources for ministry? What needs to go away, go on hold, slow down so we have resources for direct, compassionate ministry. Our responsibility is not to hoard or squirrel away resources for a rainy day. THIS is our rainy day. How are our resources best stewarded to care for people God loves?

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