Leadership Bootcamp 2020 for Women in Ministry with Becky Burroughs and Amanda Box

HOPE Network is excited to announce an opportunity for women in ministry.

Amanda Box and Becky Burroughs both serve as ministers in the Church of Christ. In addition, Amanda is a Communication Coach, and Becky is a Professional Coach specializing in Leadership, Transition, and Conflict Management. Together they bring over 60+ years of experience in the corporate world, in non-profit, and now in ministry.

Leadership Bootcamp for Women in Ministry is an opportunity for you to work with a couple of seasoned coaches who understand your world, can help you be the strong leader you would like to be, and tackle the communication issues that can drastically improve your skills and credibility.

During the month of October, Amanda and Becky will facilitate Group Coaching (via Zoom) for two hours, once a week (8 hours total) to build community while addressing leadership and communication skills by sharing stories, celebrating strengths, and addressing the challenges faced by women in ministry.

During the month of November, each participant can schedule two individual coaching sessions with Amanda to work on communication skills specific to your needs AND two individual coaching sessions with Becky to work on leadership specific to your needs.

I am a client of Becky’s and I can tell you that in just a couple of sessions, I went from, “Well, I think these things need to be done,” to “Let’s go!” Even though we can all name the systems, people and things that prevent us from fully living into our calling as leaders, Becky focuses on those things WITHIN us that block us, those lies we have come to believe about ourselves that leave us feeling stuck, lacking the power or the ability to make significant changes. In coaching, Becky serves as a guide, encouraging, equipping and empowering women to fully live into their gift of leadership. –  Amanda Box

What Amanda knows is that what you say and how you say it, has a huge impact on your credibility, your leadership, and your confidence. For us, as female ministers, it feels like we are walking a tight rope so much of the time and that is where building up your communication skills can really help. What Amanda can provide is some seriously practical structures for thinking through communication issues, as well as a ton  of pocket phrases so you are prepared to handle tricky situations, and help you handle yourself assertively in any situation, including elders’ meetings and conflicts. – Becky Burroughs

Because of the generosity of Hope Network to sponsor this workshop, the cost to you is only $300.00. There are limited spots available so please reserve your spot submitting the form below. If you have questions, please contact Becky at beckyburroughscoaching@gmail.com

Leadership Bootcamp 2020 with Becky Burroughs and Amanda Box

Take your leadership and communication skills to the next level of courage, credibility, and confidence.
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