Last Spring was the first year for KERYGMA. I did not know how many would attend. Space was limited to sixty-five and the room was nearly full. This year, we will have more room at the Memorial Church of Christ and opportunities to invite more friends. Adjustments have been made to the schedule adding a half a day with more time for connecting and conversation. I am grateful for the spirit of the conference and the focus on effective proclamation of the gospel.

For the Greeks, kerygma was the word used for the content of a proclamation. For disciples of Jesus, kerygma is the core message of God’s salvation history being fulfilled in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Rooted in 1 Corinthians 2:2-5, this conference explores various aspects of the preaching life in proclaiming the content and life of faith in Jesus Christ.

I am excited about our the program this year and how God will use each person to encourage and equip us more fully in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ So, mark your calendar now for KERYGMA 2018!

Grady King
Director OC Church Relations/VP HOPE Network Ministries

Kerygma Schedule 2018

KERYGMA 2018 Speakers

  • Monte Cox: Preaching the Gospel in a Pluralistic World
  • Jerry Taylor: Preaching the Prophetic Gospel
  • Steve Cloer: Preaching that forms Spiritual Community
  • Dwayne Case: Preaching with Your Own Voice
  • Charles Rix: Preaching The Gospel in the Old Testament
  • Jim Martin: The Preaching Life: Character, Care and Consistency
  • Lynn McMillon: Preaching to the Grieving in a Broken World
  • Terry Rush: What I Have Learned about God, Self, Church & Ministry
  • Eddie Sharp: What I Have Learned about God, Self, Church & Ministry
  • John Cannon, Jack English, Paul Shero: Friends in Ministry and Diversity

Email if you have questions.