Minister Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in our minister intake services. As you know, we are an autonomous fellowship with no central headquarters, or HR department. Awareness of opportunities and connecting with potential ministry opportunities can prove difficult and frustrating. Simply sending a resume to elders, or a search committee without some form of advocacy is like throwing darts at a target fifty feet away.

We at HOPE Network recognize and affirm God’s call on a person’s life. We also recognize that ministers, elders and congregations have personalities, needs and particularities.  You know how critical it is for there to be a good match between you, the elders and the congregation.  It is to this end that we are willing to invest in you through a discernment process for the sake of the kingdom.

Our goal is to commend you through a deliberate, fair, helpful and honest process of discernment. We do this in humility knowing God works in mysterious ways. Yet, God works through people and our network is a good place to begin.

We value prayer, confidentiality, honesty and collaboration with others in the network. What we do not want is one person in the network discerning your profile and potential ministry “fit.”

*Special Note: We are not an HR department or a lifeline for ministers looking for a job. However, our desire is to use our network to be helpful to ministers and churches who are experiencing ministry transitions.

To help us help you most effectively, we ask that you follow the process outlined below.

Getting Started

  • Download and complete the Intake form below.
  • Email your Intake form, resume, philosophy of ministry, current photo and letters of recommendation to
  • After we receive your Intake form and additional attachments, one of us will contact you for an initial conversation. This will provide opportunity for questions, clarifications, possible opportunities, etc.
  • Following partner collaboration, we will contact you about intentional possibilities and ongoing advocacy in your search.

It is important that we assist and commend you in a prayerful, timely, fair and helpful manner. May the Lord give you peace and open doors to his glory.