The Breadth and Depth of HN

We prayed that God would expand the reach of HOPE Network and he has answered our prayers…so much so that we can hardly keep up! In our consulting, we have worked with churches large and small, rural and urban, conservative and progressive on a variety of struggles and issues including vision, mission, conflict, elder selection, interim ministry, capital campaigns, leadership marriage care, discipleship, governance, and so much more. In our mentoring and leadership coaching relationships, we have provided counsel and feedback on countless topics, issues and circumstances that ministers and church leaders are individually dealing with on a regular basis. Our goal in these mentoring/coaching relationships is to be a listening ear that provides theologically grounded feedback, rooted in a wealth of experience and refined faith.

In the last 4 MONTHS…

Our 18 partners have mentored/coached:

  • 370 ministers/church leaders
    States Represented by HN Mentoring

    States Represented by HN Mentoring/Coaching

    Countries Represented by HN Mentoring

    Countries Represented by HN Mentoring/Coaching

  • In 27 states (Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Montana, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Iowa, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, Wyoming, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, Utah, New Jersey, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Georgia)
  • In 15 countries (China, Thailand, Peru, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, Cambodia, Ukraine, Rwanda, Mexico, India, Myanmar, Canada, Singapore, and Italy)

…and have consulted with:

  • 67 churches
    States Represented by HN Consulting

    States Represented by HN Consulting

  • In 12 US states (Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Iowa, California, Mississippi, Montana, Indiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma)
  • In 4 countries (Myanmar, India, New Zealand, Canada)