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Say “Yes” to Church Strategy Sessions: Clarifying Your Mission & Vision

by Chris Goldman   As part of my work with leadership teams for companies engaging our marketing services at, we begin with a strategy session. This session is usually four hours long and helps clarify the mission, vision, and organizational messaging. For every company or nonprofit organization, this must be uniquely authentic as good […]

Know Where You Play – Know How You Win

by Chris Goldman   “You have to know where you play and know how you win.” ~ Lynn Anderson, Founder – Hope Network When Lynn Anderson made that statement to our mentoring group, it sunk deep into my leadership psyche. To be clear, Lynn wasn’t reducing Kingdom leadership to sporting competitions. Rather, he was reminding […]

Leadership Identity: Coach and Mentor

by Chris Goldman   A Story: A youth minister called. He was at the end of his rope! His church was falling apart. The preacher had been fired, the elders were fighting, members were fleeing and he felt a responsibility to “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” The counselor inside me wanted to put him […]