Lavish HOPE: An Opportunity for Ministers’ Wives to Connect

by Kaley Ihfe “These weekends are truly a gift and rejuvenate my heart, mind, and body in so many ways. When I come home, I feel like I have a better capacity to be a fully, loving minister’s wife since I was loved in a space where I was fully known,” wrote one Lavish HOPE […]

Remembering Tim

by Mark Frost One month ago, HOPE Network lost a beloved partner, Tim Woodroof, who passed away after a courageous battle with lupus. The Kingdom of God lost a brilliant strategist, a tireless worker, a fearless leader, and a passionate advocate. We want to take a moment in this newsletter to reflect on Tim’s impact […]

Reflections on 46 Years with the Same Church: Part 1

by Jimmy Adcox In early 2022, I completed over 44 years as the preaching minister of the Southwest Church in Jonesboro, AR.  People often seem amazed, if not shocked, that someone could preach at one place for so long.  Because people often ask what such longevity is like and what makes it possible, here are […]

Some Keys to Developing a Discipleship Culture

by Scott Laird I heard the phrase “cut flower culture” years ago and its image still resonates. Cut flowers are beautiful, they smell good, provide color to our homes, and sometimes get a husband out of trouble. The problem is cut flowers are separated off from their roots and life itself. Many of the roots […]

Israel-Hamas War: Resisting an Impulse 

by Evertt W. Huffard  10/18/23 When our preacher began his sermon Sunday morning, he wanted to say something about the Israel-Hamas war but was not sure what to say. With some hesitation he acknowledged the tragic loss of lives on both sides and the need to pray for peace. Then he added, “I wonder what […]

When Using Technology Hinders

By Grady D. King, D. Min. Every leader has a lot on their plate these days. The complexities and pace of leading is greater and more demanding than ever in a culture of hyper-sensitivity. Enter technology. Technology is good and helpful. But it has limitations. This is particularly true when it comes to group leadership. […]

The Church: A “What” or a “Who?” – Lessons from Mao Tse Tung & Tom Hanks

By Art McNeese, D. Min Question: What one person had more impact on Christianity than any other in the 20th century? Perhaps the answer is: Mao Tse Tung, the leader of Communist China until 1976. When Mao came to power, there were very few Christians in China. But by the end of the 20th century, […]

Don’t Fumble the Baton – Does the Previous Minister Have to Leave?

By Art McNeese, D. Min Churches often experience trauma when going through the process of succession. The previous preacher resigns or retires. The church then experiences the disequilibrium of finding a new minister. This normally creates ‘anxiety’ within the church system. After all, even in the event of needed change or positive change, the transition […]

Wilderness in Marriage and Ministry: Four Principles for Thriving Through Hard Seasons

by Lantz Howard During a six-hour road trip through the panhandle of Texas headed for our home in McKinney, a major turning point in my marriage occurred. I looked over at my wife, Jessica, and acknowledged the tears streaming down her face. Our four girls, all under the age of six, were in the back […]

Lavish Hope: Our Ministry to Encourage and Spiritually Nurture Ministry Wives

by Kaley Ihfe My husband and I had been in campus ministry for a little over a decade when he decided to go into preaching. We ended up at a great church; and it felt like the perfect fit for us. We had a strong sense that God had called us there. Karl immediately loved […]