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Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 4)

by Doug Peters The New Testament uses a variety of terms to describe those that carry out roles and functions of leadership and ministry in the earliest church. Many read the various texts with an eye toward an “Organizational Chart” often found in business, government or the military, and emphasize authority and position. Viewed purely through […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 3)

by Doug Peters The premise of this series suggests that leadership groups of elders and ministers do well to proactively establish some Useful Understandings for their ministry together. The interim season is an excellent opportunity to ask some important questions in several categories and develop some “ground rules” for leadership teams. It should be noted that all […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 2)

by Doug Peters How will your church leadership lead? Will their ministry of leadership be Proactive or Reactive? Intentional or Indiscriminate? Consistent or Chaotic? And what can you do to increase the likelihood of preferred outcomes? Church leadership teams, such as elder/minister groups, greatly benefit from the discipline of asking good questions about how they will serve together. These Useful Understandings bring several practical, systemic and […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 1)

by Doug Peters “Leadership in a non-profit, largely volunteer, faith-based organization is the toughest kind of leadership!”  That sentiment was clear as I was privileged to gather with several great Christ-following leaders. They are the captains of industry and directors of business. And they are also leaders in their churches. They are CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, Entrepreneurs, […]

HOPE Network in the News

hopenetwork2HOPE Network co-leaders, Grady King and Jon Mullican, were recently interviewed by The Christian Chronicle and asked to discuss the WORK of HN. Click below to read what they had to say about the importance of a clear governance structure, how HOPE Network consults with churches and mentors leaders…and much more.

Why Some Church Elders Have  Trouble Making Decisions by Bobby Ross Jr. (The Christian Chronicle) 

Principles of Shepherd-Selection Processes

by Jon Mullican Almost every church chooses leaders. Churches of Christ usually select “elders” to serve and lead congregations. Some churches also call them “shepherds.” Paul writes in Timothy 3 and in his letter to Titus (Titus 1:5-9) about the qualities a shepherd and his wife should possess. Most Churches of Christ use these passages […]

Performance Evaluations (Part 4): Church Staff Performance Evaluation and Its Impact on the Kingdom

by Greg Anderson This is the last post in a series on church staff performance evaluation. In previous posts, we discussed how co-discovery, defining essential competencies, writing job descriptions, etc., can benefit staff, leaders, and the local church. In this post, we broaden our perspective to include how performance evaluation benefits the Kingdom of God. […]

Performance Evaluations (Part 3): How Church Staff Performance Evaluation Benefits the Church

by Greg Anderson Ministry can be difficult and there are many reasons why. Sometimes ministers create difficulty by not being team players. At other times, church leaders’ formal expectations, those written in a job description, do not match tacit expectations, those written in their hearts. Sometimes, church member attitudes encourage ministers to scour the classifieds. […]

Performance Evaluations (Part 2): The Church Leader’s Role in Performance Evaluation

by Greg Anderson Luke 14:28-30 28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, ‘This person began […]

Performance Evaluations (Part 1): Using Performance Evaluation in a Church Staffing Context

by Greg Anderson How do you know your church staff members are performing their jobs satisfactorily? Do you base opinion of staff success solely on member feedback or are you more intentional with performance criteria? Have you defined performance criteria? Do you have a set schedule in place to provide feedback to church staff members related to […]