An Adaptive Change Project in Developing Leaders

by Scott Laird

Are you feeling stuck as a church or a church leader? Your congregation has programs that run well but there is a sense that the church as a whole and many individuals have not discovered nor employed their spiritual gifts. As a mid-sized, program-based church in a mission field, our congregation must develop local leaders or die. Members need to discover and employ their spiritual gifts for the kingdom to grow. If you can relate to this struggle, you are invited to explore a three-year project that continues to bear fruit over eight years later.

Could it be programs, though good, are not the answer to unleashing the “good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do,” Eph. 2:10b? How do we discover those “good works?” What is God up to? What happens when those “good works” are embraced and nurtured? May the following article stir the heart and imagination as God raises up leaders. May some of the principles discovered be a blessing.

An Adaptive Change Project in Developing Leaders

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