From Quick Fix to Healthy Assessment (Part 4: Managing Assessment – continued)

Everrt Huffardby Evertt Huffard

Figure 1In the last article, we discussed four interacting factors that every healthy church needs: spirituality, mission, organization, and relationships.

Figure 2 expands the model. The wisdom of the spirit gives the spiritual basis for mission while good works flow through organization and relationships. This system approach also illustrates the responsibility of elders to provide oversight in executing the mission and organization of the church and to provide shepherding in spirituality and relationships.

Figure 2If the crisis involves all these areas, it will be vital that the leaders work well together to resolve the crisis through managing and leading. If the crisis is spiritual or relational in nature, a managerial approach would obviously not fit.

I have found that this model applies in multiple church functions and teams…to a specific ministry in crisis or to a ministry team.

Patrick Lencioni identified five dysfunctions of a team that interact with this grid. The absence of trust is a spiritual and relational issue. Fear of conflict suggests fragile relationships and lack of trust. A lack of commitment can come from an ill-defined mission or the absence of a clear, unifying mission. The avoidance of accountability is an organizational problem. Inattention to results comes as no surprise if there is neither a mission to set specific objections nor the organization to reach specific objectives.[1]

As I read Colossians 1:9-12 again, I am challenged by Paul’s tendency to raise the bar really high. I am almost frustrated by placing the bar so high! Note his references to all wisdom; praise him every way, every good work, all power, and great endurance and patience. Is he expecting too much? What happened to words like “some” or “as often as you can”? He left little room for exceptions.

Crisis or not . . . the bar is high. Maybe he knew that we all tend to rise to the level of expectation. The power of God and gifts of the spirit can equip us to transition our anxious hearts from the quest for a quick fix to a healthy church honoring God in all it does.

I have seen it happen and I praise God for his great power. I have seen several churches put tremendous pressure on leaders to quickly find a new preacher rather than allow for the year or two it might take to find the right person.

Those who were patient have reason to praise God. Those who were impatient and found a quick fix were looking for a preacher again in three years! Those who were patient to appoint shepherds when the right men were ready can praise God today for the spiritual influence they provide the church.

[1] Patrick Lencioni, Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide (Jossey-Bass, 2006), p. 6.


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