The Best Time to Plant a Tree

by Amanda Box

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is today.

Many of us grew up in a church environment where people weren’t allowed to disagree, question the status quo, or offer a different perspective. When people have structures, language, and strategy to handle each other respectfully, it’s a whole new world. Being able to connect authentically, handle conflict, and disagree productively, allows people to get through a challenge and still want to be on the same team. This can’t be done in a one-hour webinar. People need time to soak in concepts, practice and refine skills in a low-stress environment where they can get solid coaching. This takes time and the good news is that it’s fun and serves as an effective bonding experience for participants. Communication training of any sort would be a great service to offer to your community as well, allowing a chance to invite in new people to see who you are as a church family. 

If you would like to get conflict training for your church family, HOPE Network has professionals readily available! In addition, in your community, you have communication professionals, college professors, gifted volunteers, coaches, and many others who can provide solid training. They will jump at the chance to help. 

Think about what you want your church to be in twenty years and plant that tree today!


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