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Reflections on Being a “Minister”: A Job or Calling?

by Grady King   The Latin word, “vocatio” is the English word vocation.  It’s basic meaning is, “calling.”  Every Christian’s calling is to be God’s person–to seek  and love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. God calls us through the gospel (2 Thessalonians 2,14), yet, after 40 plus years of doing this […]

Every Church Has a Story: Walking on Sacred Ground

by Grady King – I went to high school with friends who were Creek Indian. Their burial grounds were sacred. They were no mere cemeteries—simply holes in the ground.  These sacred burial sites were a blend of Indian traditions, fused with Christianity and the spirits of the “old ones” were respected in this sacred ground.  […]

Plane Ride to Dallas: “Who Created God?”

by Grady King –  “Who created God?”   That’s the sincere question of my new friend, Li., my new friend who sat next to me on a three hour plane ride home from Philadelphia. Li is 30 years old and is from China. He attended the  University of Wisconsin and completed his Ph.D in chemical engineering […]

The Body of Christ is More Than the Preacher

by Grady King –  The church is the body of Christ (1 Cor 12.12.f).  What could be more direct that the words of Paul—“Now, you are the body of Christ and individually members of it” (1 Cor 12.27). The Corinthian church was admonished to function as the body of Christ in sacrificial love, serving according to […]

Preaching Matters

by Grady King –  “Use your head, share your heart.”  After four decades of church ministry, thirty two of them as a preacher I can honestly say that preaching still matters!  I can also say without question that preaching is more difficult now that at anytime in my life. Information overload coupled with multi-sensory technology […]

Essential Conversations for Church Leaders

 by Grady King Essential Conversations for Church Leaders (What Won’t We Talk About?) “Most churches are held together by what we won’t talk about.”  For to talk about certain subjects is risky—so we simply avoid them choosing the rhetoric of unity and peace, with shallow roots that wither in the heat of conflict. My friend […]

Is Your Church a Refuge of Hospitality?

by Grady King I have seldom met a church that did not say, “We’re a friendly church!” or “We welcome all people.”  Here’s the truth. Most churches consider themselves more friendly than they really are, and every church has a sophisticated screening system of who is welcome and who is not. I am fortunate to […]

When a Minister Leaves: Actions & Reactions

by Grady King In HOPE Network, it is a privilege to come alongside ministers, elders and churches.  I am grateful people are seeking help and resources.  One of the traits of a healthy marriage or family is asking for help.  I receive weekly calls from a member of  a preacher search team. I do not […]

How To Treat a Minister

by Grady King Some people think they can just say anything to a minister–respectful or not and it’s okay. It’s not.  When  it comes to how to treat a minister, the Golden Rule still applies–“do to others as you would have them do to you” (Mt 7.12). Or, does it? Four decades of ministry.     […]

When the Minister Leaves the Sacred Place

by Grady King It’s over. The long awaited day when the minister would say his last parting words to a church has come and gone. Whether choosing to leave on good terms, follow a new call, or being terminated, there is grief. The emotions run the gamut from deep sadness and grief to relief. Some church […]