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A Church on Mission: Renewing Your Mission Vision (Part 1)

by Jay Jarboe The church is God’s instrument in accomplishing his global mission. However, many churches today are struggling to join God in that effort. My work with Mission Resource Network (MRN) is to equip churches to be on mission with God, both locally and globally. In my conversations with churches, I often hear frustration […]

Vote Yes, Elder Spokesperson

by: HN contributing author, Amanda Box When elders need to address the congregation to communicate significant information, they are usually limited to a precious few minutes during the Sunday morning hour that is rightly designed for worship. This presents some special challenges for church leaders who want to keep the congregation informed and involved in […]

Faithful Mentors Inspire Hope Which Keeps Us Trying

by Lynn Anderson Not only do attractive mentors draw followers and strong mentors show us how to live, but also faithful mentors give us hope to keep on trying when we are tempted to give up. Remember the children’s song about the wise men? I show them how to sing and do the hand signals […]

Is Spiritual Mentoring a Biblical Idea?

by Lynn Anderson Ralph raised his hand in the middle of my presentation on mentors and challenged, “where is the word mentor used in the Bible.” Admittedly, the word mentor does not appear in the Bible. As we noted last week, it actually comes from Greek mythology, and has been popularized in our time by […]

Beware of Short-cuts

by Evertt Huffard I recently wrote a book review that takes a few minutes to read, 15 minutes to reproduce, but 15 hours to write. I often remind students that there are no short-cuts in ministry. The sin of plagiarism is the dishonesty of presenting the hard work someone else has done as if it […]

Managing Minister Transitions

by Jason Thompson Minister transitions are difficult, especially when it involves the Senior Minister or Preaching Minister. These transitions can result in congregational discord bordering on mutiny, or they can be managed and survived. No two situations are the same. Sometimes the minister certainly deserves to be fired. He has gotten lazy, staff morale is […]

HOPE Network at Pepperdine

This year, 10 of our 18 partners will be presenting at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures.  So, stop by our exhibition booth or come to one of the classes taught by our Mentoring Partners and let’s chat. Making connections and figuring out ways to be helpful and supportive is our specialty! See class details below. Wednesday, May 4 8:30am-9:15am, AC 290 […]

Rahab’s Conundrum

by Rhesa Higgins Have you ever entered an elevator and, instead of facing the door, faced everyone inside? Have you ever chosen to purposefully eat with the wrong utensil in a crowd? Have you ever walked up to a complete stranger in public and ask a deeply personal question, perhaps about religion, politics, or money? […]

Mary’s Treasure

by Rhesa Higgins “And Mary treasured these things in her heart.” Luke 2:19 “I am so afraid to tell my elders. What if they fire me?” Her face is screwed up in genuine anguish as she shares what should be happy news. After years of hoping and trying and disappointment, she and her husband are […]

“Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.”

by Rhesa Higgins Calligraphied on a pink plaque surrounded by hearts and flowers, this statement hung on my bedroom wall from infancy. As I entered high school, other plaques that representing successes in debate tournaments soon surrounded it. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the irony. Little girls in the United States, and especially in […]