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Essential Conversations for Church Leaders

 by Grady King Essential Conversations for Church Leaders (What Won’t We Talk About?) “Most churches are held together by what we won’t talk about.”  For to talk about certain subjects is risky—so we simply avoid them choosing the rhetoric of unity and peace, with shallow roots that wither in the heat of conflict. My friend […]

Is Your Church a Refuge of Hospitality?

by Grady King I have seldom met a church that did not say, “We’re a friendly church!” or “We welcome all people.”  Here’s the truth. Most churches consider themselves more friendly than they really are, and every church has a sophisticated screening system of who is welcome and who is not. I am fortunate to […]

An Attractive Church- Part 1

by Mark Frost Woodcrest Church started twelve years ago in a store front. Now, some 3,000 people flock each weekend to its sparkling and spacious new suburban campus. Meanwhile, the Walnut Street Church a few miles away has been in a slow, steady, decade-long decline. Its leaders are discouraged. Almost every week they are greeted […]

The Plateaued Church

by Tim Woodroof The conversion of Saul drained much of the energy from the persecution that had scattered the Jerusalem church. The arrests and seizures dwindled. So long as Christians kept their heads down, the Jerusalem authorities decided to leave them more-or-less alone. When word of that spread, believers began to drift back to the […]

Creating Environments for Spiritual Formation in Your Church (Part 3 of 3)

By Jimmy Adcox   Develop an Intentional, Ongoing Plan for Your Unique Ministry Setting Spiritual growth is not a linear, step-by-step process, but it does require intentionality and focus. Programs and events may contribute to environments for growth, but for maximum impact, spiritual-growth practices must be embedded in the fabric of the church culture. Spiritual […]

Creating Environments for Spiritual Formation in Your Church (Part 2 of 3)

By Jimmy Adcox      Initiate Congregational Assessment and Education While assessments are certainly not essential to helping churches become environments for spiritual formation, congregational assessments can help you be more aware and more intentional. They can also provide a benchmark for future progress. We have found the REVEAL Survey (developed by the Willow Creek […]

From Quick Fix to Healthy Assessment (Part 4: Managing Assessment – continued)

by Evertt Huffard In the last article, we discussed four interacting factors that every healthy church needs: spirituality, mission, organization, and relationships. Figure 2 expands the model. The wisdom of the spirit gives the spiritual basis for mission while good works flow through organization and relationships. This system approach also illustrates the responsibility of elders […]

From Quick Fix to Healthy Assessment (Part 3: Elements of a Healthy Assessment)

by Evertt Huffard In the last article in this series, we talked about how when leaders have the ability to walk by faith in tough times, the potential for a healthy assessment of the crisis will be more likely. Today we will discuss the elements of a healthy assessment. Elements of a Healthy Assessment When invited […]

From Quick Fix to Healthy Assessment (Part 2: Managing Self)

by Evertt Huffard Managing Self In the last article, we discussed three principles that have served me well in approaching a church crisis. These three principles have something in common–the need for leaders to manage their own fears and emotions in a crisis. Stress, personal attacks, threats, pain, anxiety and a host of fears can make […]

From Quick Fix to Healthy Assessment (Part 1)

by Evertt Huffard It happens to leaders all the time. When leaders in a church face a crisis, all attention and energy goes into “solving” the problem as quickly as possible–only to discover that the quick fix led to even greater problems. I was an elder long enough to understand why any church leader wants […]