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Ten Realities of Ministry with a Church

    by Jim Martin 1.  Over-functioning is very tiring and usually results in other people under-functioning. 2.  I have often worried too much about others and some imaginary future crisis.  Each day has enough challenges. 3.  Sometimes I have felt too responsible for another’s life instead of focusing on the responsibilities that I really do […]

Leadership Identity: Coach and Mentor

by Chris Goldman   A Story: A youth minister called. He was at the end of his rope! His church was falling apart. The preacher had been fired, the elders were fighting, members were fleeing and he felt a responsibility to “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” The counselor inside me wanted to put him […]

Strong Mentors Show Us How to Live

by Lynn Anderson Teaching children songs about Jesus gives me immense joy. In some ways all of us — like children – learn best from “show and tell.” Of course, this includes an old classic, “The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock.” Since this song is designed for hand-signals and is no-where ear […]

Faithful Mentors Inspire Hope Which Keeps Us Trying

by Lynn Anderson Not only do attractive mentors draw followers and strong mentors show us how to live, but also faithful mentors give us hope to keep on trying when we are tempted to give up. Remember the children’s song about the wise men? I show them how to sing and do the hand signals […]

Is Spiritual Mentoring a Biblical Idea?

by Lynn Anderson Ralph raised his hand in the middle of my presentation on mentors and challenged, “where is the word mentor used in the Bible.” Admittedly, the word mentor does not appear in the Bible. As we noted last week, it actually comes from Greek mythology, and has been popularized in our time by […]

Managing Minister Transitions

by Jason Thompson Minister transitions are difficult, especially when it involves the Senior Minister or Preaching Minister. These transitions can result in congregational discord bordering on mutiny, or they can be managed and survived. No two situations are the same. Sometimes the minister certainly deserves to be fired. He has gotten lazy, staff morale is […]

The Incredible Potential of Mentoring

by Jim Martin I was a young minister who was eager, passionate, and committed to ministry. I was also keeping a counseling schedule that was intense and demanded long hours. I was seeing people not only from our congregation, but also from other congregations in our community. Afternoons were often difficult and emotionally raw listening […]

Be a Mentor (Part 3)

by Lynn Anderson Benefits of the Jesus Model: If you invest yourself in some specific persons, your investment will not be in vain. Over time, with patience, intentional mentoring will result in good fruits: More caretakers will become available so the ministry capacity of your church will expand. This means the flock will get better […]

Be A Mentor (Part 2): Jesus’ Mentoring Model…The Shared Life

by Lynn Anderson Jesus made his leadership style clear: “If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24-26 NIV). Then Jesus cut our marching orders, saying, “Go . . . teach . . . baptize . . . [then] teach them to observe all […]

Be a Mentor (Part 1)

by Lynn Anderson Church leaders are being pounded on all sides. Elders and ministers face overwhelming expectations and a rapidly changing playing field while at the same time feeling hampered by unworkable systems. Too many good people burn out or wind up with broken spirits. Yet, amazingly, a host of elders and ministers keep hanging […]