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Beyond Ouija Board Leadership (part 2 of 5)

by Jon Mullican Last Wednesday’s post compared leadership functioning in some churches with the game of Ouija: questions are posed and decisions made based on hidden forces within and between the members that are not, or will not, be revealed. Rather than allow mystery to remain the theme of leader interaction, it is possible to […]

Ouija Board Leadership (part 1 of 5)

by Jon Mullican When I was about 10 years old, growing up in central Oklahoma, several of my brother’s friends brought a game to our house: the Ouija Board. One friend explained to my brother and me how the game worked: pose a question to the board; all place a hand on the planchette (we […]

Moving from Managers to Shepherds (Part 2)

by Lynn Anderson What steps begin to move elders from the boardroom to the pasture, from managers to shepherds, from control to empowerment? 1. Learn shepherding skills Before attempting to shift structures, the leaders must actually be shepherding people. As one friend put it, “I am not going to let anyone make an elder out […]

Moving from Mangers to Shepherds (Part 1)

by Lynn Anderson It was a Kodak moment. Bill’s silver hair and frail figure evidenced his nearly 80 years, but his face glowed with obvious affection for Mike. Mike, 20-something, tough, athletic—and months into a recovery program— stood beside Bill in the baptistery. As Bill spoke soft, clear words, Mike nod- ded slightly. The whole congregation […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 4)

by Doug Peters The New Testament uses a variety of terms to describe those that carry out roles and functions of leadership and ministry in the earliest church. Many read the various texts with an eye toward an “Organizational Chart” often found in business, government or the military, and emphasize authority and position. Viewed purely through […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 3)

by Doug Peters The premise of this series suggests that leadership groups of elders and ministers do well to proactively establish some Useful Understandings for their ministry together. The interim season is an excellent opportunity to ask some important questions in several categories and develop some “ground rules” for leadership teams. It should be noted that all […]

Useful Understandings for a Leadership Team (Part 2)

by Doug Peters How will your church leadership lead? Will their ministry of leadership be Proactive or Reactive? Intentional or Indiscriminate? Consistent or Chaotic? And what can you do to increase the likelihood of preferred outcomes? Church leadership teams, such as elder/minister groups, greatly benefit from the discipline of asking good questions about how they will serve together. These Useful Understandings bring several practical, systemic and […]

Hope for Weary Leaders: When You Know You Can’t Fix the Church (Part 3)

by Grady King   Debunking the Myths of growing the church, being successful, and the misconception that one size fits all.  Church leaders, particularly in North America, have long depended on the right place and right time for being a growing church. Blame and shame conversations are powerless to give hope. Changing the conversation from blame […]

Hope for Weary Leaders: When You Know You Can’t Fix the Church (Part 2)

by Grady King As I walked walked through the difficult times I discussed in the previous article, I was reminded by some very wise mentors (Lynn Anderson and Charlie Siburt) that my job was not to fix the church, but rather to be a maturing, responsible leader as a non-anxious presence. On more than one occasion, […]

Hope for Weary Leaders: When You Know You Can’t Fix the Church (Part 1)

by Grady King “Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.”  2 Corinthians 4:1 I am forever grateful for Lynn Anderson and Charles Siburt’s teaching and spiritual leadership. Both men have been a part of my life by the grace of God for over thirty years. I do not […]